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City Tour

How was Malmö saved by the Boston Tea Party and why is Malmö Swedish anyway? The popular City Tour you to Malmö's landmarks as well as to the city's more unknown and undiscovered parts, showing what Malmö is and has been for a kind of town in the process.

In difference to many big cities that have always been influential and thriving, Malmö had both ups with influence and prosperity and downs when the town was half depopulated. During the tour you will learn about how Malmö fought for survival, combined with tales on different topics such as history, politics, culture, architectures and nature.

This tour is between 2 and 2.5 hours in length and runs about 12km through Malmö. The pace is easy to allow everyone to keep up.

We will run the City Tour as an open tour on selected dates in August. Any other time the tour is available for private bookings.

Guided bike tour with sightseeing passing by Turning Torso Guided bike tour with a graffiti stop
Information about the tour
Duration 2-2.5 hours
Starting point Carlsgatan 4, 100m north of Malmö central station.
Price 2000 SEK plus 100 SEK per bike for groups up to 10 people.
Open tours

Open tours are currently scheduled at 13:30 for the following dates:
2 Aug
10 Aug
12 Aug
18 Aug
23 Aug

Price on open tours
Adult: 350 SEK
250 SEK
Own Bike Discount: -100 SEK